After a pause at the beginning of lockdown, Clients have begun to take advantage of remote conferencing technology for execution of risk workshops.

In 2020, PSC has led the following risk workshops:


  • Pre-Start-Up Safety Review (HAZOP / SIL Update) for a process plant
  • HAZOP / SIMOPS for conversion of a Tank to Jet A1 storage
  • HAZID / SIMOPS for new gas supply to a combined cycle power plant
  • HAZOP of a cross-country water transmission system
  • Functional Safety Assessment (FSA-1, 2) for offshore gas platform expansion
  • HAZOP-Update (Delta-HAZOP) of a water transmission system
  • HAZID/HAZOP for a new ammonia storage facility, including ship unloading, 16,000 Mton storage tank and road tanker loading


As mentioned in our previous blog HAZOP, LOPA per Video Conference, it is necessary to follow a ‚Video Etiquette‘ for a successful remote workshop. The slide shows typical rules that help to compensate for lack of physical interaction that would be part of a normal workshop.

Rules for Video-MeetingsRules for Video Meetings

While remote conferencing offers advantages in terms of reduced travel and cost, some Clients still prefer ‚presence‘ workshops. PSC has led two workshops in Client’s premises, following strict distancing and COVID safety protocols. PSC remains flexible in case of last-minute travel restrictions due to the current dynamic situation.

PSC covers the whole Safety Life Cycle, from the initial hazard and risk assessment through detailed design, implementation, commissioning and operation up to decommissioning. PSC safety experts are IChemE and CFSE certified.

Please download our HAZOP-SIL-LOPA-References, or contact us for a quote for your workshop requirements.