About PipeSystemConsult GmbH

PipeSystemConsult Ltd (PSC) was established in Munich, Germany in 2008 with the aim of providing flexible and cost-effective consulting services to clients in the pipeline, petrochemical, power generation, renewable and industrial sectors. The company is owned and led by Tim Callan (ME, CFSE).

PSC specialises in implementation of Functional Safety Management in accordance with IEC 61511. PSC covers the whole Safety Life Cycle, from initial Hazard and Risk Assessment (HRA) through detailed design, implementation, commissioning and operation up to decommissioning. In close alignment with its clients, PSC applies its experience and know-how in carrying out studies and analyses, so that all factors can be assessed and project needs met in a timely and cost-effective way.

Tim Callan (ME, CFSE) is managing director and principal consulting engineer at PSC. Tim has over 35 years’ engineering, planning and project management experience in complex industrial, petrochemical, power generation, renewable energy and pipeline projects in Europe, Asia-Pacific, USA and elsewhere.

Business Partners:

KIB – Engineering & Consulting GmbH
KIB specializes in piping and steel construction design for industrial plants using 3D modelling. PSC has worked with KIB since 2008 on a number of projects in the process and power generation sectors.

Exida provides global functional safety, alarm management, product certification and cybersecurity services. PSC uses exSILentia® software products as well as Exida training and certification courses. PSC recommends Exida webinars and blogs as an excellent source of information about functional safety.

VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure
The VDI Group carries out technical-scientific work on code standardization and acts as a promoter of public research funding in Germany. PSC is an active member of VDI, regularly participates in FSM-relevant events and uses its training and certification courses, as well as various VDI information sources to keep abreast of new developments in the industry.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) is a global member organization for professionals in the chemical, process and bioprocess industries. PSC is a member of IChemE, regularly participates in industry events (eg Hazards Conference UK) and uses IChemE functional safety certification courses for further training of its staff.

In Germany “DVGW – German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water” is the competence network for all questions related to gas and water supply. One of the main activities of the DVGW is the creation and update of technical regulations, which in turn are recognized by German Law to comprise ‘state of the art’. PSC is an active member of DVGW, participates in regional events and provides feedback on the draft standards.

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