Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation of safety systems should be carried out throughout the Safety Life Cycle. A key verification activity takes place before implementation to ensure that SIF’s ‘as-designed’ meet the requirements of the SRS. Validation is necessary prior to setting into operation (IEC 61511-1 clause 15).

Verification and Validation are important components of Functional Safety as defined in IEC EN 61511. These activities should be carried out at specific milestones of system life, as detailed in the Site FSM Plan.

Verification takes the form of checking key design deliverables against verified input documentation. A key verification activity takes place after design and engineering phase, but before implementation phase, to ensure that SIF’s ‘as-designed’ meet the requirements of the SRS (often called ‘SIL-Verification’). Depending on the SIL target, the Verifier may have to be independent of the project, from another department or even from outside the organization.

Validation shall be carried out after installation and commissioning, but prior to Start-up, in accordance with IEC 61511-1 clause 15. This activity is often referred to as Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

PSC can provide independent expertise to carry out verification and validation activities of integrity targets up to SIL-3. Verification shall be carried out on the basis of a pre-prepared procedure and checklist corresponding to the SLC phase. The result of the Verification shall be a report confirming that the outputs meet the objectives and requirements specified for the phase, or defining corrective actions. For Validation (Module Testing, FAT and SAT), PSC can provide independent expertise / planning support based on our extensive project experience over a wide range of industrial systems.

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HAZOP Update, SIL Verification for Compressor Station Legacy Systems

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