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Project Owner: BOTAS, Turkey

Timeframe: 2001-2006

Key data about project: Total length of Turkish section: 1,070 km, diameter: 46″, 42″, 34″, design capacity: 50 Mt/a, 4 pump stations (90 MW), 1 pressure control station, terminal at Ceyhan with tank farm (7 x 150,000 m³) and jetty for 2 x 300,000 DWT tankers.

Scope: Engineering management (carried out by: Callan Consultants), responsible for pipeline and system detailed engineering and preparation of procurement packages, overall responsibility for interdisciplinary coordination of 50 company engineering staff located in four project offices and over 100 subcontractor engineers based in Ankara (300,000 man-hours), overall responsibility for quality and consistency of detailed engineering and procurement packages, comprising over 5,000 drawings and documents (including 20 procurement packages). Responsible for Home Office Support during Engineering Follow-Up phase, including preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Commissioning Procedures. Responsible for ongoing operational support including analysis of vibration issues at pump station PT1.

Project Owner: Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V.

Timeframe: 2008 – 2010

Key data about project: FEED Design of a new 260 km, 42” crude oil pipeline to transport 50 Mta Russian and Caspian crude from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, acting as a by-pass to the Bosporus Straits. System includes SPM unloading facility, 48“ offshore pipeline, Tank Farm and head pump station at Burgas (8×80,000m³), intermediate pump station, as well as Tank Farm (8×150,000m³), offshore pipeline and SPM loading facility at Alexandroupolis.

Scope: Engineering management, responsible for system design and optimization, as well as coordination of multi-disciplinary engineering in Home Offices.

Project Owner: Siemens KWU

Timeframe: 1997 – 2000

Key data about project: 400 MW turnkey power plant, including 270 MW gas turbine, 130 MW steam turbine, heat recovery steam generator (110, 35, 8 bar)

Scope: Acting as Employer’s Representative (carried out by: Callan Consultants) on site for Black and Veatch, responsible for monitoring Contractor construction activities and quality control of mechanical aspects of the turnkey power plant, including gas and steam turbines, heat recovery steam generator, hybrid cooling tower, balance of plant including demineralised water plant, fuel gas system, pressure vessels, station pumps and piping (including high pressure alloy steel steam pipework).

Project Owner: Watercare Services Ltd.

Key data about project: Installation of 4 x 1.7MW Jenbacher digester gas / natural gas cogeneration sets and heat recovery systems at a waste water treatment facility.

Scope: Mechanical planning (carried out by: Callan Consultants), responsible for design, specification, tendering, contract administration of biogas / natural gas engines package, plus associated power generation and heat recovery equipment. Also included in the scope of work was the upgrade of the existing digester gas compression facility and utilities, as well as installation of a new back-up natural gas supply to the site and negotiation of respective tariffs.