Already in 2019, PSC has moderated four HAZOPs for large water transmission projects in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia relies on an extensive network of water transmission systems to supply desalinated water to the population centres. These projects are on large scale, consisting of tank farms/reservoirs, pump stations and large diameter cross-country pipelines.

It might be thought that HAZOP is unnecessary for such projects, where hazardous consequences to persons are unlikely. However, there are significant risks, such as overpressure and overflow, that need to to be evaluated and mitigated. Also the operability part of the HAZOP takes on more significance:  water supply systems must be reliable in delivering the required quantities and drinking water quality. Corresponding HAZOP-guidewords include:

  • Start-up / Shut-down
  • Loss of Utilities
  • Composition / Quality / Contamination
  • Maintenance

Here is an interesting article on the subject of HAZOPs for water systems.

PSC provided independent Chairman and Scribe services for the SWCC HAZOPs, which were documented using the PHAx software from Exida.