BUNDE – ETZEL Stations and Pipeline


Bunde – Etzel Pipeline GmbH & Co. KG (BEP)


2009 – 2013

Key Project Data:

BEP pipeline and stations provide a link between the strategic underground gas storage at Etzel in north Germany and the Oude Statenzijl gas hub in the Netherlands.

  • Diameter DN 1400
  • Length 60 km
  • Design Pressure 100 bar
  • Capacity 4.5 Mio Nm³/h
  • 298 water crossings, 94 road crossings
  • 1km Ems River crossing (microtunnel)
  • Head station and tie-in to caverns facility
  • Pressure, flow control and fiscal metering station
  • Tie-in to trade hub at Bunde/Oude Statenzijl
  • Designed for bi-directional flow

Construction cost: 500 Million EUR
Construction period: 2011 – 2013

Scope of Services:

Engineering management, responsible for coordination of multi-disciplinary design of pipeline and stations during Basic Design phase.

Construction and commissioning supervision, including mobilisation and coordination of international team of construction experts. Responsible for construction safety.

Extended Description:

IVG is owner / operator of an undergound hydrocarbon storage facility in Etzel, Lower Saxony. IVG decided in 2007 to expand the gas storage capacity in order to provide a strategic gas reserve connected into the north german gas network. For this purpose, an increased capacity transmission pipeline was constructed between Etzel and the trade hub at Bunde (near the Dutch/German border). The pipeline and stations were designed for bi-directional operation and quick start-up to allow spot trading. BEP was set up to develop and eventually operate the pipeline and associated stations.

The scope included:

  • 60 km, 48“
  • 3 line valve stations
  • Tie-in to caverns piping
  • Scraper station
  • Auxiliary and utility systems
  • Civil infrastructure
  • Scraper station
  • Custody metering, including filters
  • Pressure and flow control
  • Valving to permit bi-directional operation
  • Auxiliary and utility systems
  • Civil infrastructure
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