The long awaited german language version of IEC 61511 Ed. 2 was published at the end of January 2019 (DIN EN 61511-1,-2,-3:2019-02; VDE 0810-1,-2,-3:2019-02)

The internationally recognized basis standard for functional safety in the process sector, IEC 61511, was re-issued in 2016 with significant new requirements. Based on first review of the newly released German-language version, the changes which were already known from the international version (including corrections COR1: 2016 and A1: 2017), have been adopted as expected.

Compared with the previously valid DIN EN 61511: 2005, the following significant changes have been made in accordance with IEC 61511: 2016:


  • The requirements for the functional safety management plan have been reinforced
  • Functional safety assessment (FSA) requirements have been further developed
  • Additional process requirements for modification
  • Security Risk Assessment (‘Cybersecurity’) added in HRA-phase
  • Requirements for sub-functions serving as a level of protection extended
  • Hardware Fault Tolerance requirements adapted
  • Software requirements replaced by application programming requirements


  • Update of practical examples related to all Safety Life Cycle phases, based on experience of implementing IEC 61511 Ed. 1
  • Annexes updated to reflect the change from Software- to Application-Programming


  • Terminology adapted to updated Part 1
  • New methods for determining SIL in new Informative Annexes

As a result, the new requirements for functional safety, which have been applied internationally for two years, are also now officially applicable in German-speaking countries.

Set-up of a FSMS, Gap-Analysis

PSC covers the whole Safety Life Cycle, from the initial hazard and risk assessment through detailed design, implementation, commissioning and operation up to decommissioning. PSC can manage initial FSM system set-up or provide support on specific compliance issues, including Verification & Validation activities. PSC safety experts are IChemE and CFSE certified.

A copy of our Presentation on setting-up a Functional Safety Management System is available here.